COVID -19 Clinic Changes 

We care about the health and safety of our clients, patients, and staff. For that reason, beginning in March of 2020, we have moved to curbside appointments to reduce the number of humans within our building. We miss interacting in person with our beloved clients, but we made this difficult decision because we cannot successfully social distance and implement the cleaning procedures necessary to keep everyone safe while still adhering to the CDC and MDH's guidelines. 

Beginning July 6th, 2021 we will be having clients back in the building! If you would prefer to do curbside still, we certainly can, just let us know when you call in! 

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What this means for your appointment: 

When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car and call our main phone number, or check in on the Pet Pro Connect App. Our receptionists will let our staff know you are here, and will pass the phone to one of our doctors or technicians who will be working with your animal(s) that day. They will then ask you some questions about their medical history and the reason for your visit. One of our staff members will come outside to get your animal during or after this call. When our staff comes out to take your animal, please remember to: 

  1.  Wear a mask - our staff will be near you, and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible
  2. Have your dog on a fitted leash/collar/harness that they cannot slip out of 
  3. Contain your small animals (cats/small dogs) in an enclosed carrier that we can bring into the clinic without them breaking free.
    • Laundry baskets, open cardboard boxes, etc. do NOT make for a safe carrier. If you need to borrow a carrier from the clinic, please let us know when you initially call and we will bring one out. 
  4. Please do not hand us your pet from your arms/chest. We cannot maintain social distancing when we need to pick them up off your lap. While we appreciate that is likely where they love to be, for everyone's safety please have your animal in the back part of your vehicle so we may take them in with the least amount of human to human contact possible 

Once your animal is safely inside our clinic, we will perform our full physical exam and perform any diagnostic tests or give any vaccines approved ahead of time. Please have your cell phone on loud and easily accessible as our doctors will be calling frequently to give you an update on your animal, and discuss any additional tests or treatment they may need. If you do not answer your phone, we will not perform any further treatments or tests until we hear from you. This may result in a delay of care and/or necessitate an additional appointment to get everything done on a different date. 

When your appointment is finished, our receptionists will call for payment. Our preferred method of payment during this time is a credit card over the phone so that we can reduce human to human contact. However, we still will accept cash and check payments. We will print out a receipt for you and bring out all paperwork, medications, and your pet at one time. 

We thank you for you patience while we try to get used to this new system. Please let us know if you have any concerns or feedback as we are always trying to improve! 

Additional COVID Policies and Charges

Due to some complications of curbside appointments, we have had to implement the following policies to help our staff keep as efficient as possible, in order to help the most amount of animals throughout the day: 

  1. Kennel fee of $10 - if you have a normal appointment time (i.e. not a drop off) and elect to leave your pet at the clinic and run errands despite a short appointment time, we will charge a kennel fee of $10. This is because we will need to place your animal in a kennel  instead of just bringing them back out to your car while we help and attend to our next appointment and patient, which will necessitate cleaning of that kennel.
  2. Carrier fee of $5 - if your cat (or small dog) does not come in a secure carrier, we will use one of ours ensure they are safely transported in and out of the clinic. We will charge a $5 carrier fee to cover the time and cost of cleaning the carrier. 

Click here to visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's page on COVID-19

Click here to visit the Minnesota Department of Health's website on COVID-19 updates