Payment Options and Plans 

We understand the cost of veterinary care is rising. Over the past twenty years, the amount of veterinary specialties available has increased dramatically. This has allowed a much higher level of veterinary care that was previously only reserved for human medicine. Today, neurosurgery, CT scans, chemotherapy and more are available to our pets. However, this high quality medicine does come with a higher price tag. We do our best to provide you with the best care we can, while keeping our prices as reasonable as possible and your budget in mind. We also work very hard to provide convenient payment options for you.

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), cash, personal checks, and care credit as forms of payment. We do kindly ask that all payments are made in full before your pet leaves the clinic. 

For more information on Care Credit, or to apply online, please click here.

Pet insurance is an amazing option for our pets that can help cover unexpected emergencies. For more information on types of pet insurance, please click here  to visit the insurance section on our helpful links page. There you will find a few companies we recommend, as well as an outside review website that helps to compare company policies. As a reminder, in order to be reimbursed for costs, your pet must have a policy already in place before receiving veterinary care.