Helpful Resources

The internet is an incredible thing, and while it can be a valuable asset for information, it can also host a lot of misinformation. The following links are those to common products, companies, and resources we trust to have reliable, evidence-based information. 
General health: 
  • Merck is a compendium of various animal diseases, parasites, and conditions for both small and large animals 
  • VIN's Veterinary Partner is a website for more information and explanation of disease processes and treatments, as well as answers to commonly asked questions. It is a derivative of the VIN website for licensed veterinarians, which is designed to be a source of collaboration, continuing education, and support.   
  • American Heartworm Society  for more information on the heartworm life cycle, prevention, and treatment 
Referral Hospitals: 
Poison Control: 
  • The ASPCA poison control hotline is a number you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and speak directly to a veterinarian or poison control specialist. They will advise you on what to do at home, or whether immediate veterinary attention is needed. Their phone number is: (888) 426-4435 
  • Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine has great resources for identification of poisonous plants 
Pet Insurance 

Pet insurance allows owners to not have to worry about unexpected medical bills, and focus on getting their pet the best care possible. Most companies allow you to choose your deductible, your maximum coverage, and how much you want reimbursed. This gives you the option to completely customize your premium for your individual budget. There are multiple companies available, so it is best to do your own research to compare policies. The following are some of the companies we have worked with, and would recommend: 

Trupanion medical insurance for your pet
Nutrition and Dentistry 
  • American College of Veterinary Nutrition is a collection of board certified veterinary nutritionists, meaning they go to school for an additional four years after their DVM degree, and only work in the nutrition field. This website has contact information if you'd like a nutritionist to formulate your animal's diet, a list of frequently asked questions, and many resources. 
  • Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine has wonderful resources about choosing a diet, how many calories your pet needs, etc. 
  • For your pet's diet, we recommend Purina's Pro Plan brand, any of the Hills varieties, and all Royal Canin products. We recommend these companies because of their extensive research and clinical trials which ensure the efficacy and safety of their foods. They make maintenance diets as well as prescription diets for health specific conditions. Both Hill's and Purina have delivery programs to get your food shipped directly to your door, usually with free shipping!
  • If your animal thinks meal time is a race, try a food puzzle or food ball. These 'toys' are designed to make your pet think and work at the puzzle to get to its food, lending to more mental enrichment and taking more time to eat. There are a variety of products at retail stores and online.
  • The VOHC is a group of board-certified veterinary dentists that review the clinical trials performed by companies for their dental products. If the product's research passes a set of criteria for reducing plaque and other dental issues, it is awarded the VOHC stamp. This means you can have confidence that the product you are purchasing will actually make a positive difference for your pet's dental health. Visit their website to find approved products for dogs and cats. 
  • Concerned about the safety of the food or treats your pet is eating? Click the banner below to check if anything that is in your home has been recalled 
Quality Products 
  • Leashes and collars: we recommend Lupine brand for their comfort, safety, and replacement guarantee even if chewed  
  • If your dog thinks it needs to pull every time you go for a walk, try the easy walker or gentle leader 
  • We strongly discourage the use of prong choke collars as they can do physical damage to your dog's neck and long lasting bad behavioral traits
  • For a variety of durable dog and cat toys, we love Kong and PetSafe brands 
Lost a Pet? 

We currently cannot accept or house lost pets. If you have found a stray animal and cannot identify the owner, please call your local police department or Minnesota Critter Getters 

Looking for a new pet? 

Below are the local animal shelters that can be of assistance with adopting a new pet: 

REwards programs 
  • Zoetis Petcare rewards: Earn points based off of how much product is purchased on select products like Apoquel, Simparica, ProHeart 12, Revolution Plus, Rimadyl, AlphaTrak glucose monitors and Convenia injections in dogs. These points translate into money back in the form of a gift card that can be used at any veterinarian.  Learn more here
  • Zoetis also has rebates for it's large animal customers on certain vaccines and pharmaceuticals - ask us how to get those!