Le Sueur Clinic – Large Animal

Our large animal hospital is well equipped to handle both medical and surgical cases. We have three large stalls to keep patients dry, comfortable and in a climate controlled environment during their stay. The walls of our large animal surgery suite are fully padded for post-anesthesia protection. By having your animal stay in the hospital, they have the most attentive care, a full pharmacy of medications ready if needed, and more diagnostic tools available to provide the best and fastest treatment. We invite you to look at our photo gallery for more pictures of our large animal quarters. 
We offer basic wellness and vaccination appointments, internal medical services, and various diagnostic modalities for bovine, equine, caprine, ovine, and camelids. In addition to these services, we offer the following species specific services:


Our veterinarians are well-rounded in the equine industry, with Dr. Jessica Hafemann taking a special interest in equine medicine. From pre-purchase exams to geriatric care, we are here for you every step of the way. Our reproductive assistance includes in house breeding packages with artificial insemination, ultrasounds, and mare and foal exams on or off site.

Utilizing our diagnostic abilities, we can perform flexion tests, hoof and tendon exams, and lameness evaluation with the use of nerve blocks and portable radiology equipment. If needed, we can also send samples to our off-site reference labs to evaluate uterine culture, histology, and cytology. With continuously erupting teeth, regular dental floats are important. We utilize full mouth speculums, a power float, and our clinic stocks for the fastest and most pain free procedures.

Lastly, we routinely assist with Coggins (EIA) testing to allow our clients to travel with their horses to shows, fairs and trail riding. You can access your digital Coggins here and their help line phone number is 515-296-3779.


We have various services for both beef and dairy producers. We are fully equipped to castrate and dehorn calves on or off site, and in a variety of ways best suited to the producer and season. Our portable chute helps to ensure the safety of all those involved and increase efficiency.

We understand reproductive care is one of the top priorities in production. We are well versed in calving emergencies such as milk fever, dystocia, or general pregnancy herd checks. In the unfortunate even that surgery is needed, we are prepared to perform cesarean deliveries, displaced abomasums (DA), and select other elective surgeries both in the field and in our surgery suite at the clinic. 

Small Ruminants 

For our ovine and caprine producers, we offer routine, reproductive, and emergency care. Our veterinarians are capable of diagnosing deficiency diseases, are knowledgeable in diet alterations, and can perform castration and elective surgeries. Emergency services include dystocias, cesarean deliveries, urinary blockages, and many more. 


While camelids are becoming less popular, our knowledge and capabilities with this species is only increasing. Our reproductive services include ultrasounds, mother and cria exams, and IgG testing. Routine vaccinations, BVD testing, and dentistry are all regular services administered by our clinic.